About Brekka

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It all started one winter…

GilsfjordurArts was founded in 2017 when sheep-farmer Beggi, his folklorist daughter Gulla, captain Vidir and visiting artist Martin Cox came together with the idea to open the little used farmhouse Brekka (or Gilsfjörðurbrekka as it is marked on some maps) as a small art residency to bring artists to the remote and stunning Gilsfjörður in the Westjords of Iceland.

Built in 1959, the current farmhouse was a working farm until the 1990s, built on the site of a previous farm dating from the 1700s. The land is still used for grazing sheep from Beggi’s neighbouring farm. Little has changed in the landscape here at the head of the fjord, surrounded by mountains and a nearby waterfalls with long views toward the sea. The Brekka is remote, the closest settlement is the tiny rural outpost of Króksfjarðarnes on route 60. The nearest supermarket is in the town of Hólmavík, (also where the Museum sorcery and witchcraft is located) about 40 minutes by car.  Brekka is about 3 hours by car from the capital Reykjavik 200km to the south. You find only the sounds of nature here at Brekka.

Near Króksfjarðarnes we operate a sheep farm and on the coast we run a mussel farm.  There is always someone to be in contact with during your stay at Brekka. Your days will be mostly uninterrupted with little traffic in the fjord and only sheep, birds and other artists as company. We deliver our fresh mussels to Reykjavik restaurants usually twice a week (Tuesday and Friday) sometimes it is possible to catch a ride in the mussel van in either direction.